To book an appointment, click on the below APPOINTMENT button, which will provide days and times of availability for the next 30-days. Appointments are available to Virginia residents only and are only available for virtual appointments at this time. It is up to the patient's responsibility to confirm that I, Nathan Edmundson, Psy.D., am an in-network provider with the insurance plan of use and whether a copay and/or deductible is applicable. A credit card is required to book an appointment, but no payment will be billed unless an appointment is missed or cancelled within 24-hrs of scheduled time (or after appointment is met and I'm not an in-network provider). For first appointments, patients must request pre-appointment documentation at least one day prior to the appointment by sending an email to with attached photos of a govt.-issued picture ID and insurance card (the latter if applicable). 

Note: Only adults ages 18 and older are being accepted as new patients. 

          Only one session is permitted to be scheduled each week

          Issues of potential suicide and homicide must be addressed in-person

Accepted Insurance Plans


United health Care

Missed Cancelled Appointments/Out-of-network 

Fee: $145